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Should you Require I arrange a Call Out with your Tenant Please be ready to provide with Your Home Address for Billing, The Tenants Contact Number and Full Address of the Property where Works are to take place.

I can keep the Landlord a Copy of any Keys as necessary and will of course only discuss any works and details with the property owner or those elected to act on their behalf.

As a Licensed Commercial Locksmith, I have been audited by a 3rd Party Government Appointed Agency in all aspects of my business.  I set up during the deepest darkest point of the last Recession in 2009 and so know the value of customer service and how customers like to see value in the services they are paying for.

I will always explain my prices and services to you as best I can and will discount multiple works to offer the best value I can, but I am a business, I know the value of my services and my worth.

When you call you will always speak with me, Rob Townsend, I will always be the person calling to your house or home, etc and I will be the one carrying out the work

For business locksmith services, call me for further information or to arrange an appointment.