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I am also set up to deal with any Window Repairs you may require, UPVC Windows, Aluminium Windows & Wooden Windows.  Window Locks, Window Handles, Window Hinges – all are catered to. You can also see my door handle & lock repairs services below.
Locked Shut Window?  Not a problem.

Window Lock Repairs – Draughty Window?

I’ve been fixing these since 2009!  Often enough, its either the Hinge or the Lock that’s the problem.  As long as the Seal is intact, then its usually faulty hardware that’s been misused or general wear & tear. Contact me for professional window lock repairs in Dublin.

Broken or Cracked Double Glazing?  I’ll have it replaced in no time. We use either the same level of glass or superior, often using toughened safety glass instead of regular float.

Energy Rated Glass?  We Supply and Fit some of the most Eco-Efficient Glass available, we reuse your Window Frames and just replace the Double Glazing with Energy Rated Glass which Passively Collects Heat in Winter & Reflects Heat in Summer.

Tilt & Turn Windows?  Handy Two Function Windows or Doors which can open regularly or tilt inwards.  Handy that is until they break, so call me and I’ll fix it (usually all in the same visit – yes I am that good.)

As a Licensed Locksmith, I have been audited by a 3rd Party Government Appointed Agency in all aspects of my business.  I set up during the deepest darkest point of the last Recession in 2009 and so know the value of customer service and how customers like to see value in the services they are paying for.

I will always explain my prices and services to you as best I can, and will discount multiple works to offer the best value I can, but I am a business, I know the value of my services and my worth.  When you call you will always speak with me, Rob Townsend, I will always be the person calling to your house or home, etc and I will be the one carrying out the work
Call me for further information or to arrange an appointment.

Door Lock & Handle Repairs Dublin:

We provide professional door lock and door handle repairs throughout Dublin. Everything from Multipoint Locks to 5 Point, 7 Point Locks to UPVC Door Locks, we have you covered. Upu can also call us anytime for expert help if you think your door handles are failing or can feel like they’re not pulling your door in tight enough. They normally operate by lifting the door handle and then turning the key to lock, and should operate very smoothly.
However, should they not be operating very well or not at all – Give Us A Call.